Get a load of this. This course is the definition of narrow fairways (please excuse the high res pictures. I will try to compress later):

Apple City narrow fairway

Apple City 12th hole

I kid you not, every hole is similar to this. Why you design fairways like this is beyond me. It is some of the worst course design I have ever seen. Defeats the purpose of positional play. Explain to me how the driving area for the driver is narrower than the landing area for wedge approach shots…..

But no complaints from me. Looks like everyone will be playing from the rough this week 🙂 There are birdies to be had here. Maybe not on the 484m par 4 5th, which forces me not to hit driver as shown below, but they are there:

Apple City 5th hole

The dreaded split fairway also appears a few times at Apple City:

Apple City 9th hole

The greens have a nice surface, medium softness with simple contouring. The rough is a thinner wispier leaf so some spin can be applied to the ball. It is unfortunate the fairways are this narrow because this is the first course we have played that has mown fairways. They are beautiful.

Because of the fairway designs this course is a bombers course. Overall this is a course that I like very much from the point of view of how it suits my game.