Ok, now I know what the definition of sloping fast greens is: Asiana CC. The greens had clearly been trimmed from last weeks round. Now I know why the Korean players don’t like this courses greens from past years. Also we will be playing on the other greens for the tournament. Not the ones I played last week.

It’s fair to say they are quite tricked up, I’ve never seen anything like it. It makes the Riversdale Cup look like a walk in the park. Course management will be cruitial to have birdie opportunities. Hit it close, on the right side of the hole and you will be rewarded. Miss it in the wrong section on and around the green and you will have no chance of getting the ball within 12ft let alone on the green.

Overall I think this is a course I can play very well on and I am really looking forward to the first round. I’m going to adopt an agressive approach with the driver on many holes leaving myself short approaches where possible. Hitting wedges into these greens will greatly increase the probability of getting in the right section, resulting in a lot more makeable birdie putts.

This tournament is going to be won on the greens.