Australian traffic vs Korean traffic

Hard to tell what’s safer. The difference may lie in how the two countries interpret the traffic lights:
– In Korea their traffic lights are made up of a green, orange, red and a green arrow. Plain and simple compared to the many colours and symbols we get here.
– A Korean green light means the same as Australia, but you can’t turn left in Korea unless the green arrow is on.
– In Korea the orange light comes on before the red and also after the green. Often, depending on the time of day in Korea, the lights flash orange constantly for all approaching vehicles at the intersection. In this situation all the drivers just creep out and crawl around one another at the lights.
– Now the most disturbing thing about Korean traffic. No, it’s not the simple fact of driving on the wrong side of the road, it’s how they deal with red lights. A red light is just a recommendation. If the intersection is ‘basically’ empty go right on through! We went through about 20 red lights.

So Korean’s have a habbit of approaching intersections with great care with a little less respect for the red light. Australian’s have a habit speeding up at lights to sneak through on the orange to beat the red, But appear to hold a higher respect for the red light. Who’s roads are safer…. your call. Maybe a comparison of the crash statistics would tell the story.