The Montvert CC located about 2 hours north of Seoul and not to far from the North Korean border, is a beautiful 45 hole golfing complex (5 x 9 holes) that is floodlit for night golf.

Surrounded by mountains it’s not hard to appreciate the work that went into creating the golf courses. The rocky ledges amongst the hills add to the background scenery and feature on many holes. None more so than the 8th hole of the Printemps Course.
Just click on the drawing of the hole and you will be taken to pictures of the course. Well worth your time to have a look at. There are some fantastic holes on the Printemps and Ete courses.

Overall I found the course to my liking. It’s great to play a course that has it’s fairways half mown as well. Might see the return of some distance control here.

If you pick the right holes to attack you will be rewarded. And I mean that in more ways then one! Take a look at the 3rd hole of the Ete Course. It’s a 615m par 5 that has an Audi on the line for anyone who eagles it. How cool is that! Legend goes that no one has ever reached it in two….