It’s that time of year, playing to find out what next year might bring. I’m now finalizing my preparation for the upcoming Australasian and Asian Tour Schools.

On Sunday, I am heading down for the Australian Masters monday-qualifying in Melbourne. There are 4 spots available. If I qualify I obviously get to play the Aus Masters but I’d also get to skip the Australasian Tour School 1st Stage (21-23 Nov) as it clashes with the Masters (22-25 Nov). A nice double bonus!

If I don’t qualify for the Aus Masters I will obviously be teeing it up at Australian Tour School 1st Stage at Ranfurlie G.C. on Wednesday.

After the trip to Melbourne I will then be preparing for the Asian Tour School 1st Stage (5-8 Dec). The Final Stage is the following week (12-15 Dec).

It will then be a quick trip back from Malaysia to make it in time for the Australasian Tour School Final Stage (18-21 Dec).