This course could be very interesting this week. There are a few holes where the average player can’t even reach the fairway! They have grown in large sections of fairways and removed some layup zones by turning the fairways into rough. On one par 5 there is only rough from 200m and in. They are forcing players to position their second shots in the rough.

Somoro Country Club

I’m so sorry I don’t have pics yet. You can view some course photos by mousing over “course” at the top of Solmoro CC’s website and clicking on the right option in Korean text. For the sake of it, I can actually read what that mumbo-jumbo is now (코스 갤러리 ). It say’s “Course Gallery”, just pronounced slightly differently. I’m just very friggin slow at reading it.

We are playing the Persimmon and Cherry nines.


– Cherry No. 8 –