This is funny, but frustrating too. This week at the Meritz Solmoro, practice round Monday and we’re not allowed to touch the course Tuesday or Wednesday because they have pro-ams which we can’t play in. It’s not like they try to accommodate a few hours for us on the course or anything.

Now, a conversation I had yesterday while trying to practice was nowhere near this simple, but this is the gist of it:

I was chipping on the chipping green and some course staff came over and told me, “No chipping, too wet.”
“Ok. So where can I chip as I’m not allowed on the golf course?”
“Driving range.”
“You want me to chip at the driving range over there?”
“What, off the mats?”
“No, forget that. There’s not even one left handed bay on that range. I want to chip off grass, like I’m on a golf course, and I don’t want to chip all my Titleists onto your range. See, there’s something called “feel” which I need to play decent golf…… can I chip my balls, from here, into the rough or something?”
“No, because you take divots.”
“Ok, ok. Is there anywhere at this 36 hole golf complex where you will let me chip off grass?”

Meanwhile a Korean based player who was there chipping watches this discussion go on, stops chipping, but they never went over to him to say anything. You’d think the staff would approach him first as he should know better considering he’s the one who can actually read the sign they put on the side of the green written in Korean, which I assume says, “No chipping due to whatever“.

The only thing you can do is laugh at that. Otherwise you will go mental.