T 29 Nathan P Uebergang QLD (+4) 76


I didn’t finish my round off which was really disapointing as I was playing really well. Sure the numbers haven’t been on the board lately, but for the first time this year I’m super happy where my golf game is heading. The signs are there. I’m hitting quality shots, getting into the right processes and starting to work my way round the golf course comfortably. It just hasn’t been happening out there lately but it will. No matter what, anytime soon I’m about to start playing some really good golf.

What made today so great was the amateur partners I played with and also playing with Peter Senior for the first time. I have so much respect for Pete’s game. He’s a legend here in Australia. Seeing him go about his business is just great. Sure he’s not in his prime, but the same processes are still there. The same killer instinct.

It was also a good opportunity to get the inside word on what stage the One Asia concept is at. I can tell you, there has been some very promising progress recently. There are also a few big issues that still need to be worked out, but the tour is on track for 2010.