T 9 Nathan P Uebergang QLD (-3) 71 72 67 = 210


Today was a nice way to finish off the event. Not much happened the first two days, but I stayed patient and sure enough something started happening and I got it to -6 through 10. But a couple of late bogies pulled me up from making a late surge. I also got something else going today…. the runs! I sent the caddy to get some toilet paper and then I had a little squatting session in the woods. I just had to get it out… good times.

At least my caddie felt good today. Well both of them actually (his mate came out and carried the towel). A couple of old shirts and hats thrown their way made their day. They even gave me a few hugs in return.

One of the other impressive add ons at this event was the calcutta held after the first round. Each pro was auctioned off and a pool of about AU$60,000 was raised. Basically, the person who bid on the pro who ends up shooting the lowest score over the final two rounds cleans up!

So far the trip has been an absolute pleasure due to the fantastic hospitality of the locals. My billet put me up in the Lae International, gave me a car to drive around and also showed me the industrial areas of Lae where he keeps his trucks and the cargo they move around PNG. It was great to see how much joy Jacob gets out of running his transport business and the way he has been able to use his money to build roads and schools for the community he grew up in.

Lae Golf Club are very proud of how they look after the international pros and do everything they can to make us feel welcome while outdoing Port Moresby Golf Club at the same time. We will be playing there in the coming week for the South Pacific Export PNG Open.

Jacob, my billet in Lae.

Kurt, myself, Jacob and Francis.

Team “Mapai Transport” for the Thursday Pro-Am.