24T (final rank = 29) Nathan Uebergang (-9) 74 69 71 66 70 73 = 423

(6 round event. 4 round cut was made at 90 plus ties)

YEEEE-HAAA!!! I now have a full Japanese Tour Card. This is so cool. I am one of the happiest men alive 🙂 The emotions are running wild.

Now we’re talking. The putts certainly started dropping. 8 birdies and a double. It’s a great feeling to know I’m now a member of the 2009 Japan Tour. Now it’s a question of how many tournament starts I can earn for next season.

I’m pretty pleased with the end result today. I was 4 over after 4 holes today, but I stuck to my game plan and managed to get five shots back. My play of the day came on the 380yard 11th, where I drove it just short of the green and pitched in from 35m for eagle.

Sometimes attitude is the difference between losing it or keeping it together on a bad day.

Originally, one of my closest friends Chris Stewart had offered to caddy for me here at final stage. He made it to Japan, but unfortunately needed to head home to Korea after one day due to a stomach illness. It just wasn’t worth him risking his health by staying over here. So I’ve now got a “house caddy” this week.

Anyway, here was a little funny from our time in Japan:

When Chris Stewart and I were going through customs on our way into Tokyo, the lady asked Chris, “why do you come to Japan?”
“My friend’s going golfing and I’m watching.”
“What? your friend’s doing his girlfriend and you’re watching??”

….. lost in translation.