(rank = 30) Nathan Uebergang AUS (-1) 73 72 72 70


YESSS!!! The top 32 players advance to the 3rd Stage. Paul Donahoo got through as well which is great. The three Aussies at our venue finished 28th, 29th and 30th 🙂

I’m so pleased to have got through. I was really struggling with my swing this week and just grinded to stay in it. Thankfully yesterday arvo I fixed my swing (figured out my shoulders were open at setup) and hit the ball solidly today.

After the round we had to pick our venue for the 3rd stage straight away. But being foreigners, how are we ment to know which one to pick?? ha! As I was placed 30th I had little say anyway. So Paul and I will be playing 3rd stage Nov 11-14. We’ll be looking forward to it!