They say the QLD Sunshine circuit is a great pathway for aspiring professionals to hone their game. The likes of Greg Norman, Peter Senior, Wayne Grady, Rod Pampling and John Senden all started out their careers and cut their teeth on this tour. So what vital skills did these great professionals develop on this circuit?

Idealy a player who strives to play on the biggest tours and championship layouts will get great benefit on actually playing on championship layouts whenever possible and practicing in that environment. But sometimes going to the other extreme can be beneficial as well.

I believe one of the main reasons behind players development on the QLD Sunshine Circuit is the vast aray of golf courses thown at them and the amazing variety of ‘challenging’ lies these players face. No longer does smoking a drive down the centre of the fairway mean you actually end up on ‘fairway’. From the lobbed pitch to the nip off the sandy bare batch, your imagination and patience are tested to the nth degree as the tour of constant bad breaks never ceases to amaze. But, as the best players know, that’s just the nature of this great game and it has to be dealt with if you want to achieve your best result. Hey, the objective still remains the same: get the ball in the hole with as few shots as possible, somehow!

Funnily enough, hidden amongst all these trials and tribulations is one of the great thrills of the game:
…you just need the right attitude to see it.

As Terry Price was once quoted, “You don’t learn to become a good player by playing off good lies.”

Master that… then you can think of moving on to greener pastures.