T 13 Nathan P Uebergang QLD (E) 71


Game feels back on track. Plenty of good rounds to come…

We’ve got three days off now. Then it’s 11 rounds in 12 days, including two divisional pro-ams ($25,000+). Besides the prize money, why are divisionals important? Winning a divisional would put me up into one of the higher pro-am categories which would literally guarantee me starts in the bigger pro-ams later in the season.

On another note: after 7 years with my beloved Odyssey Dual Force 770 (blade style putter) I am thinking of moving to something new. It’s been pushing its luck lately. I have convinced myself it’s time to move away from a putter that is so toe heavy and start looking for a more face balanced putter soon. The old love has got to go…. based on physics that is… not some irrational golfers crazy emotions 😆