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60 Nathan UEBERGANG (+18) 75 70 83 74


Well that was the last leg of this trip to Japan. I’m heading home for a week to play a couple pro-ams, then I’ll be back in Japan the following week for the ANA Open which is my last confirmed start on the Japan Tour.

Well, you may have guessed it, I had another driver cave in during todays 3rd round. So disappointing. I had a feeling it was going towards the end of the second round. At the time I had no back up heads as all three of them are flattened/caved.

I started to get some awkward flights during the front nine, so when I made the turn I checked if my delivery of new heads had arrived at the clubhouse. They had. I then got the rules officials out and after a bit of deliberation they allowed me to change heads on the 3rd hole. By then I was too far gone mentally.

I must say it is very hard to tell when a driver face is actually caving. A bit of a flat spot forms (the face loses it’s bulge and roll) then it gradually grows and gets worse.