T 5 Nathan P Uebergang QLD (-1) 71



Kooyonga Golf Club

Today was a good finish to a successful week of pro-ams in Adelaide. I played well and had consistent results across all the events. Although the prize money was low for these pro-ams we got to play some stunnnnning golf courses. Royal Adelaide and Kooyonga Golf Club are simply world class. Unbelievably good. I could live in Adelaide and play these tracks all the time.

So I now head back home for a final week of preparation before I leave for my first event in Japan. The feeling of anticipation is fantastic and I feel good about my game. The first event I will be playing in is a Challenge Tour event, the Novil Cup at the J Classic Golf Club, south of Osaka. It’s a three day event worth ï¿¥20,000,000 and should be ideal preparation for the start of the Japan Tour season which kicks off with the Token Homemate Cup, April 16.