MC Nathan UEBERGANG (+2) 74


Well that looks to be my last event here in Japan this year. There’s a good chance I may get a start in the Casio Open which is right at the end of the season, the week before the Final Stage of the Japan Tour School. So that could be a little bonus before I try to obtain my card back for a second season in Japan.

I’ve really enjoyed playing the Japan Tour this year. The courses are fantastic tournament setups and they prepare you well for the more challenging courses faced on other major tour’s around the world. I would have liked to play a lot better than I did, but I can take a lot out of the events I’ve played. There’s quite a few things I can improve and there’s even a few things I’ve learnt to manage better. Management, equipment, sponsors etc. They are all things that have to be working for you. When it comes to preparing for a tournament you have make sure all these things are in place so you’re ready to do one thing… focus on playing.

So what’s coming up? The Australian summer of golf!!! Woo hoo!!! It’s shaping up to be a good one. I’ve got a start in the Midea China Classic next week which will be my first event on the newly formed OneAsia Tour. It’s a great chance to get the ball rolling for the Australian summer.