T61 Nathan UEBERGANG (even) 74 70 78


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Oh well. My short game left me and my mental game followed 😕 . I’m now off to Nagoya for the first event of the Japan Tour season. I’ve never been so excited about playing a golf tournament, so it’s time to reenergize and get ready for it.


I tested the new driver on the first hole today and it went good all day. I had it going as I was -5 through 16 but a bogey, double finish really pulled me back into the field. It made life a lot easier having a driver today.

It’s nice to make my first cut over here but I’ve played terrible considering this is a course that suits me down to the ground.


It’s fair to say I rarely have a boring day on the golf course… and today was no exception.

This course, the J Classic GC, is one of the most open courses you will ever see. It’s a long course too, measuring about 7150 yards, so It’s a no brainer to use your driver on every hole. The game plan really is that simple. Long drives are a big advantage on this golf course.

I teed of the 10th today and made a steady start. On the 14th tee I hit my drive, bent down to pick up my tee and sure enough my driver decided to snap at the hosel. Talk about at the wrong time. On the one course where I could launch the driver to my hearts content, I didn’t have one! To make it worse, the next longest club I had in my bag was a 17* hybrid that I use to hit high-high spinning approach shots. So I had to play the rest of the round using my hybrid off the tee. On some courses that may have turned out to be a blessing in disguise, but at the J Classic GC you really do need the driver. In the end I was pleased to leave the course with the score I made.

I brought one driver on this trip because some of the tour vans next week at the first Japan Tour event have some drivers ready for me to try. Surely I could have made it through just one week with the driver I had. Obviously not :-).

Thankfully the Titleist guys here have been really helpful. They sourced out a couple of X-flex shafts from a club fitter in central Tokushima then drove an hour to get there and build up a new driver to spec. I’ll give it a quick test in the morning and we should be right to go for the second round. Their support could be all the difference tomorrow. The par 5’s must be chewed up on this course to play well.