T115 MC Nathan UEBERGANG (+5) 77 70 = 147


A few really loose tee shots cost me this week. Giving four shots in penalties each day really hurts. I believe by the time it came to play on Thursday I actually turned up a bit fatigued. So that’s something to keep in mind for my preparation from now on.

In getting ready for the next trip I have to keep working on my ball striking consistency which is the one area that is hurting me at the moment. I’m hitting some high quality shots but it’s the improvement of my misses which will reduce the number of costly mistakes on the score card. Statistically my short game is great and my putting is great.

I’ll also be giving the new TaylorMade R9 driver a good workout. It seems to be a great driver and it looks like I’ll be using it for the rest of the season. The first two events of the Japan season were such an enjoyable experience and a real eye opener. I loved every bit of them.