Yes, I did just have a proper break… without announcing it before hand on my site 🙂 I was planning a trip to go to the SK Telecom Open from May 20-23 in South Korea, but unfortunately some things didn’t work out to travel over at last minute notice which was stressful at the time and I said, “stuff it! That’s it, I need a good break!” I was burnt out and drained which was the result of a number of factors.

You could call it a forced offseason. It’s one of the challenges Australian based players must consider. As the pro-am schedule runs pretty much all year round you can actually play non-stop for 12 months. So you must choose when your offseason is… something I have failed to do in the past as I had never seen the need to. After all, golf was always great fun! But no matter how much you enjoy your sport you do need to take a break from it at some stage during the year to do other things and recharge the batteries. In a lot of other countries you don’t get much choice due to freezing winter times. It’s through that time though that most golfers will develop a crazy appetite to get back out into the fresh air and see what they are capable of with their new swing thoughts and ideas they’ve mulled over during the cold winter months.

So I’ve just spend the last 6 weeks without a golf club in hand which I must say has been fantastic. I was tired and playing bad golf and needed to step out of the spikes for a while to gain some perspective on things. I spent the time mainly enjoying the normalities of everyday life in the one town. Having recently moved to Adelaide it was nice to spend some time there and get the feeling of being settled.

Last week I started hitting balls again and the swing feels quite nice. I will get back into competition by playing a few pro-ams in South-East Queensland and combining that with some practice in preparation for the One Asia Tournaments later in the year. That’s where my focus will be, having my game ready for those specific bigger events. I really am looking forward to getting back to playing.