Some may be wondering why I’m
not playing the NZ PGA this week. I decided to not play the event and make sure I had a good break to get ready for the training ahead.

Since I started training seriously for golf in 2003 I cannot remember a time when I had more than 1 week away from my clubs. I’ve always just been so happy to play the game, to train, to think of better ways to shoot lower scores. Towards the end of last year things started to change. The fatigue started to show and I realized I was actually burnt out. That was something I have never experienced before as I love the game so much but no matter how much you love something you need time away from it to refresh. So I’ve had a good break and will recommence training again next week in preperation for the VIC PGA.

I must say my body is feeling very refreshed and I look forwards to getting back into a solid season of training. It’s nice to give the body a rest from having to swing in the same repetitive motion.