My apologies, for putting up no updates, to all those who have been following my site this year. Rest assured I am in one piece and I am still into my golf 🙂 (although I have not been playing much recently). As I mentioned after the Australian Open at the end of last year, I needed to think through some possibilities (both in life and golf) and start taking some positive steps forwards again.

As most of you are aware I like to keep comments about my private life to a minimum on this website, but as every golfer out there knows, the traveling pro’s private life is a big factor in their play on the fairways. To be honest, I was quite stressed at the end of last year and it was a good time to step back from things for a bit. As this year I only have limited status in Australia, I thought it would be a good time to explore some other avenues.

So a big update is on it’s way soon….

Happy golfing! 🙂