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55th Border Open (VIC) – 2nd Round

42 Nathan Uebergang QLD (+9) 79 76


Stuart Appleby Cohuna Pro-Am (VIC)

18 Nathan Uebergang QLD (-1) 71


I played with some top blokes today. Thanks for the hit boys! (you know who you are). I also won a kettle from the teams event with my amateur partners… actually won a kettle! classic.

Murray Downs Golf & Country Club Pro-Am (VIC)

9 Nathan Uebergang QLD (0) 72


I’ve snuck across the border for the four pro-am rounds this week in the Murray River area. There’s Murray Downs, Cohuna and Barham (which is a two day’er). Yesterday afternoon I sat a maths exam (for the record I did so so) then jumped in my car for the six hour drive to Burham where I’m staying with the lovely Adrian and Jan for the next few days.