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Korean Tour School

Scores: 76 – 76 – 71 – 74 (+9)

Missed by one shot. I’m devastated. I was really looking forward to playing in Korea.

Moving on: The Next Step

Although I have not heard anything from the KPGA, I am led to believe the season is now complete for me in Korea, and most the foreign players for the matter. I will have to head back to the Korean Qualifying School in February if I desire to compete in Korea again. So, until then.

I must say four months on the road has pushed me physically and mentally. In the end I am pleased to have had the experience unfold in such a manner. It was anything but ideal performance wise, but is was ideal for learning to deal with the ins and outs of being a touring professional.

Personally I enjoyed the challenge that the Korean Tour presented. I’ve had to start taking steps to mature my thinking and course management towards a level that can compete internationally, not just on a few favoured Australian tracks.

But right now, refresh time! I look forward to the next few days relaxing in South-east Queensland…… Just gotta go to the beach.

Over the next month or so I’ll have time to apply what I’ve learnt from Korea and the USA before the latter season of events kick in. I sure look forward to that.

당신을 나중에 보십시오

작별 최상 해석자 ! 😀

SBS Eden Valley Ski Resort Open – 2nd Round

75 (+3). MC.

This event looks to be the last one for me in the Korean season. The event in North Korea scheduled in October will now not be for foreign players. Hey, maybe that’s a good thing. Although, when do you get a possible opportunity to go to North Korea?

SBS Eden Valley Ski Resort Open – 1st Round

85 (+13).

SBS Eden Valley Ski Resort Open – Practice Round

…. didn’t happen. Here’s why:


We tried to play, but it just got worse. Eden Valley CC is so high up in the mountains we were actually in the rain cloud. Just for the sake of it Henry and I played all 18. Blind. Couldn’t see the pin from 30m off the green. No idea where the ball was going. We just enjoyed being out there and had great fun!

Henry on the fairway

11th hole visual

SBS Samsung Benest Open – 4th Round

76 (+4) to finish in T64.

SBS Samsung Benest Open – 3rd Round

76 (+4).

SBS Samsung Benest Open website

Not my fault you can’t read Korean:

Golf Samsung

Good fun just clicking buttons anyway and seeing where you get…..

Just use the english link for the Korean PGA site on the bottom left of my homepage.

SBS Samsung Benest Open – 2nd Round

YEAH. 68 (-4) today for a +1 total. Cut was +3. Which means I finally make a cut in Korea! In the money rounds, baby.

It was the second best round of the day. The scoring was higher in the second round as the conditions were a little tougher. I’m really stoked to have bounced back after a bad first day. I moved up into T44 position.

I started with a 3 putt on the first hole but something clicked after a few good short par saves. I stuck at it and played the last 9 holes 4 under. Just simply kept the ball in play and did the job around the greens.

Looking forwards to tomorrow!


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