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Penfold Motors Box Hill Pro-Am (VIC)

47 Nathan Uebergang QLD (+7) 71 78


Bendigo and Community Bank Eastwood Pro-Am (VIC)

30 Nathan Uebergang QLD (+4) 76


Bendigo Community Bank & Yering Meadows Pro-Am (VIC)

65 Nathan Uebergang QLD (+17) 89



Flinders Partners Group Accounting Pro-Am (VIC)

11 Nathan Uebergang QLD (+2) 74


1st Year Uni is finished!

It’s great to know that I got through and learnt a lot this year. Now over the next three months I really hope I can get some quality practice in and actually see coach and work on a few things.

I haven’t touch the clubs for a month so the following week of pro-ams in Vic will probably be pretty rusty, but I’m really looking forwards to just playing again and the opportunity to start working at the golf again.