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2008 Desert Duel – Results

2008 Desert Dual page
(just click on live scoring, then “group 3 rounds 1-4”)

Man, talk about some good fun. These Long Drive events go alright 🙂 I was able to go head to head with the best in the world, see how they go about their business and what speeds they produce.

In the end I got knocked out in the 4th round. I moved through the first round fine, no probs. But then I cocked up. Straight after the round I went into the trailer and decided to have a chat with the tournament organizers. When I left and went to the range I found out I had missed my next round… !@#$. So they put me down as OB that round. It just put me straight on the back foot, based on the numbers that go through each round. I just assumed by winning through to the next round I’d get a little break. But the winners actually hit before the losers. I didn’t know the format, made a rookie error and I payed the price.

So I was into round 4 where there were 2 players advancing and I just didn’t hit it far enough. Game over. Two losses and you’re out.

Some of the guys sure could produce some clubhead speed. Jamie Sadlowski… that guy is very impressive. A few other guys produce similar ball speeds, but he has the consistency to do it round after round.

Those boys don’t hold back one bit. All day there was a little breeze off the left. All the numbers on that sheet were with no wind assistance at all. Sadlowski hit a ball in the semi-final like I’ve never seen. Man, we’re talking 400yards in raw carry.

2008 Desert Duel in MESQUITE, NEVADA

Guys, check this out:

It’s all happening in Mesquite! The best in the States has gathered so it’s time to spank a few 🙂

Surprise… I’ve been at the US Open!

But not playing 🙂 just watching. I decided to drive down to San Diego and experience the US Open atmosphere. A few days ago I flew into Las Vegas as I have the opportunity to compete at a long drive event being held in Mesquite (more on that later). I was able to get tickets to go out on Tuesday and Wednesday to watch the best players in the world get ready for this huge event.

This is the first major championship I’ve been ever to. I would rather be playing, but hey, watching is probably the next best thing. There’s still a lot I can learn from just being here. My first observation was towards how open the course was. Open visually that is. There is miles of rough everywhere to catch anything slightly off line.

But what stands out the most is the importance of short game. Short game is the key. If you don’t have a super short game you do not have a chance of winning the US Open. The greens are really firm too. Wedge shots coming in take a massive leap, then spin. If you have to come into the green from the rough… good luck to ya.

The course has a nice amount of roll to the terrain and the greens are nicely shaped and contoured. The tiers in the greens would make it good fun to play. Overall Torrey Pines is one brutal golf course set up tough and VERY long.

Johan Edfors flash new bag:

Can Trevor Immelman go back to back in the Majors? He’s working at it:

These were the crowds during the practice round:

The American’s sure love their golf… and their merchandise:

Golfing in Arizona

Phoenix AZ was quite enjoyable. The style of courses were very much like QLD with the exception of the desert stones and cacti surrounding each fairway. So it’s very easy to feel at home (heat and humidity included).


I had the pleasure of enjoying the hospitality of one of Phoenix’s residents for a few days, Gary Baitz. Thanks Gary for your hospitality. It ensures I have good memories from my first trip to the US. Keep swinging pure mate!

Nationwide Tour – Pete Dye Classic Open Qualifier

On Sunday morning I left Greensboro and flew into Pittsburg, Pennsylvania for the Pete Dye Classic Monday pre-qual held at Bridgeport CC, West Virginia. I shot 72 (even) which will probably miss by 3. The afternoon field have not completed their round yet as storms have suspended play until tomorrow.

It was great to catch up with some of the Aussie boys, at night, as there were quite a few attending the pre-qual. Marc Leishman, Steven Dartnall, David Lutterus (whom I was paired with) and Aaron Pike all played in the morning as well. The guys had 70, 71, no score, 74 respectively.

Many of you would like to know that this was Aaron’s first event/pre-qual as a professional. He made the decision to turn a few days ago. Congrats to Aaron. All the best mate!

Wyndham Championship – Monday pre-qualifying

I shot 72 (even) to finish 24th. A 67 was needed to get into a playoff for the fourth spot. I needed a hot one, but not to be. Results are here.

I will spend a few more days in Greensboro and go and watch some of the Wyndham Championship. As much as I’d rather be playing, it will be my first time I’ve gone to a PGA Tour event. So I’m keen to see some of the big names as well as say g’day to some of the Aussie’s out there. I’ve become a fan of K.J. Choi so it will be good to watch him get the ball around.

Wyndham Championship – Thursday pre-qualifying

Today I played in the pre-qualifying for the PGA Tour’s Wyndham Championship at Pinewood CC, just south of Greensboro, NC.

The PGA Tour now has a Thursday pre-qual for the Monday pre-qual. 50 players plus ties get through Thursday to advance to Monday qualifying, where 4 spots are available for the Wyndham Championship. I was successful getting through to Monday, shooting 70 for T12. Teed off the 10th, threw in two eagles and four birdies.

The Monday qualifying will be held at the same course which makes the preparation for it a lot easier. Even though there is only 4 spots available, a hot round will open up an opportunity to play on the PGA Tour.

Nationwide Tour – N.E. Pennsylvania Classic Open Qualifier

Tomorrow I will be teeing it up in my first Nationwide open qualifier at the Pocono Farms CC in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

A couple days ago I drove back to Los Angeles from Phoenix so I could fly out to the East Coast. The only convienent flights to Greensboro, NC, were actually conections through Phoenix which was a bit painfull as I had just driven 6 hours from Phoenix…. but I HAD to return the car rental to Los Angeles…. a time killer there. Oh well; win some, lose some.

I’ve decided to base my east coast swing in Greensboro due to the PGA Tour event, the Wyndham Championship, being held here next week. I will be doing the open qualifier for it, and even if I don’t qualify it will be my first time to a PGA Tour Event. The PGA Tour is where I dream of playing, So I’m all excited about being there.

It was then a last minute decision to fly up yesterday from Greensboro to Philidelphia and then drive to Scranton for the N.E. Pennsylvania Classic qualifier. Time to go low and earn a spot. Scoring can be followed here.

After this event it will be back to Greensboro.

Next Phase in America

I will now be heading back to the Los Angeles area for a few days before heading east to try pre-qualifying for some events. I’ve got a bit of work to do on my game in preparation for those.

The Gateway Tour events

The dates of the events I am playing in are the 25th – 27th July, and 30th July – 2nd Aug.

Results can be found on their website: The Gateway Tour
In the centre of their home page, look at the current tournament for the Desert Summer Series and click on the leaderboard link.

Desert Series Tournament #7
Scores: 69 – 67 – 77 (-3) 33rd
Prize money: US$1178

Hey, it’s nice to finally be in the money!

Desert Series Tournament #8
Scores: 75 – 74 (+5) MC

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