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Singapore Open Monday-qualifier….. I’M THROUGH!

Good day today! Teed off last group in the monday-qualifier and shot 67 (-5) to finish equal 1st and take one of the 5 spots available through the qualifier. It’s great coming into the clubhouse as last group, check the leaderboard with all the scores already posted, and then go, “Yeeessssss…..”

Tuesday I will have my first walk around the revamped Serapong Golf Course (the qualifier was held on the Tanjong Course). Wednesday will be my practice round day then we’re away.

You can find out more about the Singapore Open here. It is one of the Asian Tour’s biggest events, if not the biggest, and boast an impressive international field.

I’m really looking forward to soaking up the atmosphere tomorrow, getting amongst some of the golfing greats who I’ve aspired to growing up. I’ve gotta get a spot on the range to hit balls next to Phil somehow. Phil Mickelson is one of the players I’ve always admired growing up, left handedness obviously being a strong connection there, and it’s going to be great just seeing him for the first time.

That’s the fun of it all. So, what is better than seeing these guy’s?…. doing my own thing and beating them 🙂

Off to Singapore

I will be teeing it up at the Singapore Open monday-qualifying on the 29th October at the Sentosa GC, Singapore. I believe about 5 spots will be available for the championship proper through the monday qualifier.

The Singapore Open is one of the Asian Tour’s largest events and provides a great opportunity to play with some of the best players in the world. I have been to Singapore once before but only as a quick stop over to get to Malaysia. This should turn out to be a good trip.

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