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SBS Samsung Benest Open – 1st Round

77 (+5).

Puts me at about 118th.

Tee time was set at 7:30. Ended up being a 10:30 shotgun due to fog. 36 groups of 4 went out at once, which resulted in an enjoyable 7 hour round of golf. That makes it fun….

SBS Samsung Benest Open

This weeks event is played on the Jack Nicklaus designed Gapyeong Benest course. I think it’s now called Samsung Benest because Samsung own it. How they carve courses out of the mountain side like this baffles me. Though the membership fee justifies it – about US1.7 Million! The most expensive membership for a Korean Country Club. You can also tell when two waters and a Gatorade cost $16…… always come prepared for the practice rounds.


Some of the waterfalls are beautiful, unique additional features are cute and some of the mountain views are breathtaking……. 😉

The Samsung is one of the biggest events on the Korean Tour calendar. Prize money is 600,000,000 Won (about AU$760,000). There are some great additions as well. The winner will receive a brand new BMW worth about AU$100,000 along with the 120,000,000 Won (AU$150,000) first place check. That’s pretty sweet.

The players and fans should be well looked after here at the Samsung Benest:


Here’s a pic of the SBS camera crews setting up.

The Asiana C.C. “deadly quick” practice green

…. or just plain stupid, whatever tickles your fancy. Henry Epstein and I shot this footage while preparing for the Asiana Open earlier in the season:

Lip out in Korea

Just quietly, that putting green is very fast. On this day there was not one hole on the putting green where the ball could be stopped near it. Hey 😕 , why not? it’s a great idea. You could stand there all day hitting 10 footers….. and imagine….. you only have to take a walk to the hole when you hole the putt. Ain’t that what we all want?


Henry has just uploaded a whole bunch of videos showcasing some of his great magic skills and trick shot ability. Check them out on youtube by clicking right here!

SBS Meritz Solmoro Open – 2nd Round

77 (+6), so I finished on +10 which will be about T77. Cut looks to be about +7.

My game is going really good, unfortunately a few sloppy swings today led to 4 out of bounds. I’ll keep learning and keep improving mentally to be more consistent for 18 holes.

SBS Meritz Solmoro Open – 1st Round

75 (+4). Rained all day, managed it quite well.

SBS Meritz Solmoro Open – Practice round

This course could be very interesting this week. There are a few holes where the average player can’t even reach the fairway! They have grown in large sections of fairways and removed some layup zones by turning the fairways into rough. On one par 5 there is only rough from 200m and in. They are forcing players to position their second shots in the rough.

Somoro Country Club

I’m so sorry I don’t have pics yet. You can view some course photos by mousing over “course” at the top of Solmoro CC’s website and clicking on the right option in Korean text. For the sake of it, I can actually read what that mumbo-jumbo is now (코스 갤러리 ). It say’s “Course Gallery”, just pronounced slightly differently. I’m just very friggin slow at reading it.

We are playing the Persimmon and Cherry nines.


– Cherry No. 8 –

Korean hair cut

I got away with it, but my caddy didn’t:


Why like this?

This is funny, but frustrating too. This week at the Meritz Solmoro, practice round Monday and we’re not allowed to touch the course Tuesday or Wednesday because they have pro-ams which we can’t play in. It’s not like they try to accommodate a few hours for us on the course or anything.

Now, a conversation I had yesterday while trying to practice was nowhere near this simple, but this is the gist of it:

I was chipping on the chipping green and some course staff came over and told me, “No chipping, too wet.”
“Ok. So where can I chip as I’m not allowed on the golf course?”
“Driving range.”
“You want me to chip at the driving range over there?”
“What, off the mats?”
“No, forget that. There’s not even one left handed bay on that range. I want to chip off grass, like I’m on a golf course, and I don’t want to chip all my Titleists onto your range. See, there’s something called “feel” which I need to play decent golf…… can I chip my balls, from here, into the rough or something?”
“No, because you take divots.”
“Ok, ok. Is there anywhere at this 36 hole golf complex where you will let me chip off grass?”

Meanwhile a Korean based player who was there chipping watches this discussion go on, stops chipping, but they never went over to him to say anything. You’d think the staff would approach him first as he should know better considering he’s the one who can actually read the sign they put on the side of the green written in Korean, which I assume says, “No chipping due to whatever“.

The only thing you can do is laugh at that. Otherwise you will go mental.


SBS Lake Hills Open – 2nd Round

71. MC by a handfull. At least it was my first round under par in Korea. Pleased with that, but dissapointed as I was -5 through 12 holes. I used a 4 iron off a lot of tees which worked a charm. I had it going but the wide ones caught up again.

Overall I’m pleased to bounce back from yesterday and I think my game is starting to evolve from “hit it and find it”. My caddie Richard is going to pound sense into me over the next couple of weeks and help me learn how to manage my game. “YOUR hitting 4 iron buddy.”

Have you ever seen a caddie throw a club at a player?….. don’t worry, it hasn’t happen…… yet 🙂

SBS Lake Hills Open – 1st Round

82. Made up of 10 shots in penalties. What’s killing me is I’ve got no go-to tee shot at the moment. My new 3 wood cracked last week after 1 day and the 2 iron just isn’t working.

My good shots are really good, but my bad ones are just shocking. No in between. My form and the Korean courses are really starting to get to me.

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