On Sunday morning I left Greensboro and flew into Pittsburg, Pennsylvania for the Pete Dye Classic Monday pre-qual held at Bridgeport CC, West Virginia. I shot 72 (even) which will probably miss by 3. The afternoon field have not completed their round yet as storms have suspended play until tomorrow.

It was great to catch up with some of the Aussie boys, at night, as there were quite a few attending the pre-qual. Marc Leishman, Steven Dartnall, David Lutterus (whom I was paired with) and Aaron Pike all played in the morning as well. The guys had 70, 71, no score, 74 respectively.

Many of you would like to know that this was Aaron’s first event/pre-qual as a professional. He made the decision to turn a few days ago. Congrats to Aaron. All the best mate!