Although I have not heard anything from the KPGA, I am led to believe the season is now complete for me in Korea, and most the foreign players for the matter. I will have to head back to the Korean Qualifying School in February if I desire to compete in Korea again. So, until then.

I must say four months on the road has pushed me physically and mentally. In the end I am pleased to have had the experience unfold in such a manner. It was anything but ideal performance wise, but is was ideal for learning to deal with the ins and outs of being a touring professional.

Personally I enjoyed the challenge that the Korean Tour presented. I’ve had to start taking steps to mature my thinking and course management towards a level that can compete internationally, not just on a few favoured Australian tracks.

But right now, refresh time! I look forward to the next few days relaxing in South-east Queensland…… Just gotta go to the beach.

Over the next month or so I’ll have time to apply what I’ve learnt from Korea and the USA before the latter season of events kick in. I sure look forward to that.