2008 Desert Dual page
(just click on live scoring, then “group 3 rounds 1-4”)

Man, talk about some good fun. These Long Drive events go alright 🙂 I was able to go head to head with the best in the world, see how they go about their business and what speeds they produce.

In the end I got knocked out in the 4th round. I moved through the first round fine, no probs. But then I cocked up. Straight after the round I went into the trailer and decided to have a chat with the tournament organizers. When I left and went to the range I found out I had missed my next round… !@#$. So they put me down as OB that round. It just put me straight on the back foot, based on the numbers that go through each round. I just assumed by winning through to the next round I’d get a little break. But the winners actually hit before the losers. I didn’t know the format, made a rookie error and I payed the price.

So I was into round 4 where there were 2 players advancing and I just didn’t hit it far enough. Game over. Two losses and you’re out.

Some of the guys sure could produce some clubhead speed. Jamie Sadlowski… that guy is very impressive. A few other guys produce similar ball speeds, but he has the consistency to do it round after round.

Those boys don’t hold back one bit. All day there was a little breeze off the left. All the numbers on that sheet were with no wind assistance at all. Sadlowski hit a ball in the semi-final like I’ve never seen. Man, we’re talking 400yards in raw carry.