The Japan Tour School Final Stage is being held at Central Golf Club, December 3-8. There are two golf course at Central being used, the East and West Course.

The Final Stage is six rounds. After four rounds the field is cut down to 90 players +ties. The players that make the final cut will earn Japan Tour Membership. It is important to finish very high up the list to ensure you get plenty of starts on the Tour. So finishing top 40 after the six rounds is a must.

Overall both the East and West courses are very boring. This is due to the repetitiveness of the green designs. They are all very circular and slope back to front. As the greens dry out during the week it will be very important to leave the ball below the hole on all approach shots.

The weather in Japan is now very cold, so the course will be playing long. This works right into my favour.

The event tees off Dec 3.