At the top of the page you will now see the link for my 2009 Schedule. It’s a schedule I’m really excited about and looking forward to.

My 2009 season will be based around the Japan Tour events I have a start in from Tour School. With my current ranking I can expect to get starts in 11 of the first 14 events of the season.These are my number one proiority and the events I will do my best to prepare for.

I will also be playing in a number of Challenge Tour events which have dates that fit nicely in with the Japan Tour. The Challenge Tour is Japan’s secondary tour. They are a bit like our Von Nida tour events in Australia. Prize money for the Challenge Tour is a lot less than the Japan Tour and the events are usually run over two days. They should be a great way to get some competitive golf in between Japan Tour events.

So from now and until early April, when the first event is on in Japan, I will be combining a few events around Australia with as much practice and training I can get in while at home during the off weeks.

Also, you may have noticed I have one extra event in Feb, the Asian Tour International in Thailand which is the first event on the Asian Tour’s schedule. The Japan Tour is alloted 15 spots in this event so I put in an entry form and ended up getting a start. It’s a great opportunity to get the season off with a bang.