T37 Nathan UEBERGANG (-4) 70 69 70 71

I certainly had my chances to make an early move up the leaderboard today. I stumped it on the first three holes, hitting every shot inside 5ft but I missed them all. The frustration probably stayed with me as I dropped out to +4 after 8 holes. But I regrouped and finished the remaining holes strong, getting back to even par for the day.

So four days of colourful scorecards. 24 birdies, thirteen hazards and a lost ball.

I feel I did some fantastic things this week. My putting and wedge game are absolutely superb. I’ve never wedged it so good. It’s a combination of the pure fairways and really dialing in my swing.
Unfortunately my ball striking with the long clubs was very poor and it hurt me a lot off the tee. I’ll have to keep working at it. So some areas of the game are working great and others just ordinary. Hence the crazy up and down score cards.

All in all I’m very happy to have bounced back and finish off the event strongly. It was good to be able to play an event overseas before the Japanese season starts up in April.

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