Wow!! I can’t believe I got into the event today. Early Monday I was 10th reserve looking like no hope of getting in. I was sitting at my computer getting ready to change my flights. Then later Monday afternoon I checked the latest play-field status and I was up to 2nd reserve. THAT actually gave me some hope. Maybe I should hang around for a few days and see what happens. You never know.

So being a reserve I turned up early Thursday morning and sat around. To keep myself busy I played on Craig Parry’s Nintendo DS, ate a MASSIVE breakfast, hit a few balls on the range…. then, at around 11:30 the JGTO staff came up to me and said, “Nathan, your tee time is 12:20. Good luck!”

The Fujisenkei Classic is the last event before the second rerank. I need to do something here to keep my season alive in Japan. Time to make the most of the opportunity, I say 🙂