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T60 Nathan UEBERGANG (+6) 69 72 73 80


It’s a great tournament setup here at the ANA Open. The kids are fully catered for behind the driving range… I might go paint some Pikachu’s tomorrow and jump around in the blow up castle.

Yep, I would have been better off with the kiddies painting pickachu’s today. But, on a serious note I did hit a lot of super shot this week, especially with the long irons. Also, as most of you would have seen, I did get off to a good start during the final round. I was -1 through 7 finding many a way to get the ball in the hole from some poor drives.

Unfortunately my poor driving caught up with me on the 17th where some tree trouble led to a double bogey. I tried to stay patient and keep playing good shots but a bad break on my second shot to the 5th probably derailed me. When I got to the green to see how close my shot had finished, my ball was no where to be seen. It had actually ended up back down the hill in the rough dead behind a tree. My ball had struck right at the top of a gangly thin tree guarding the front left of the green. A bad break but you’re always going to get them and I still did managed to make a par there.

The next hole was the killer. On the 6th I tried to hit a stinger into the wind. It came out low as desired but had a little fade on it. It stuck the tree guarding the left edge of the fairway and ricochet straight left about 15m and managed to go OB. That did annoy me. Another couple metres to the right through the air and I would have been just off the fairway. I didn’t get over it and it affected my play on the last three holes.

Moral of the story: I still have to learn to move on from bad breaks especially when the shot wasn’t that great in the first place. On the course you have to reach a state where what’s happened in the past is left behind and you deal with the shot in the present.