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Tahiti, what a great place. I looked at this trip as part golf/ part holiday as I’ve just finished 1st semester of my second year of Engineering study. We got to stay right on the waters edge and were able to jump into the lagoon off the jetty at the end of the day.

Unfortunately the first couple rounds left a lot to be desired. I was due to fly in Monday night via Auckland, have a couple practice rounds then get into the event but my flight wasn’t able to land in Auckland. The pilot tried twice to land but the weather was too bad and in the end he diverted to Christchurch which meant I missed the connection. End result: next flight available into Tahiti was Wednesday midnight…. doh! So after not playing golf for a month due to the exam period it was a little disappointing to get into Tahiti, sleep for 6 hours and tee it up 🙂